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SURAJKUND : A Fete OF Amalgamation(Part II)

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

THEME STATE (2020): Unforgettable Himachal

This year Himachal Pradesh was the theme state of the Surajkund Fair,which was showcasing its unique culture and rich heritage through various art forms and handicrafts from the state.

Himachali cultural programmes were held at venue daily and a mega night was held.There was a beautiful “apna ghar” which was an information centre to provide information and showcase unexplored tourist destinations.

Seventy stalls were put up for Himachal artisans to display and sell their wares and a food stall will serve the Himachali cuisines.

Here is a pictureque showing highlights of Himachal👇


Surajkund Crafts Fair is a colourful traditional crafts festival of India spread across 40 acres of land.It is difficult to enjoy and explore everything there in one or two days.So here are some central attractions captured by us during our visit:


Handicrafts is an art of making crafts by hand.There were many handicrafts items made by the artists from states of Madhya Pradesh , Rajasthan and Gujarat .There were few artists , who were decorating handicrafts on the spot.

Handlooms is an art of weaving partly or wholly by hand or foot power.There were handloom sarees,handlooms textiles and dupattas.


While vlogging at one of the place in crafts mela, our ears were attracted by the sounds of puppet show by one old lady and her grandson.

Puppet Show is usually a dramatic performance staged with puppets with the dialogues or music by the puppeteer.This is famous in Rajasthan.

Enjoy the show

UZBEKISTAN: Partner Nation

Uzbekistan was the partner nation for the fair 2020.”Uzbek Dance” is an art that is cultivated in special dance schools and then demonstrated on a large scale.A splash of colours,rhythm of drum beats and joy de-vivre,merge at surajkund.


Watch this dance video


Designer items created by 50 best designers and craftsmen in wood,metal ,bamboo ,iron, glass ,textiles and stones can be seen there.I have personally bought few jewellery from surajkund ,they were quite expensive but were antique and mesmerizing.


Fire paan is basically an extreme version of regular paan that just happens to be on fire when it goes into your mouth.Usual ingredients in paan such as betel nut ,dry fruits and sugar is used and is then wrapped in betel leaf and cloves are inserted into and is lit on fire.It is then put in mouth with the fire goes off and it gives a cooling sensation.


Indian food is different from rest of the world not only in taste but also in cooking methods.It reflects a perfect blend of various cultures and ages.

Food court at Surajkund Fair was a combination of Indian ,Chinese and Spanish dishes.Some of the food we tasted were:

· Jaleba

· Dosa

· Hakka Noodles

· Idli &Vada

· Uttapam

· Dham

· Tudkiya Bhat

· Aktori


Dancing is a great cardio workout.Like any good,low-impact cardio workout,dancing can improve cardiovascular health,increase stamina,strengthen bones and muscles and shave off illnesses.

At Surajkund a large number of renowned national and international folk artists and cultural groups presents day performances at Chaupals.Here,the general public enjoys the drumbeats with the artists.

African Dance


Fairs and festivals are the custodians of our great cultural heritage ,they connect the past glory with the progress of the present and are a good source of inter-reaction amongst people.They mirror different parts of the country and make us love and respect the talent of our craftsmen,artisans and artists.

My experience at 34th Surajkund International Craft fair was mesmerizing,my heart bloomed so much.I had goosebumps seeing the singing and dancing talents people have.It was a worthvisiting trip for me.


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