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SURAJKUND : A Fete OF Amalgamation (Part-I)

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Surajkund Fair is a unique international crafts festival,it is a platform for artists across the globe to showcase their culture and talent.It is held every year at “SURAJKUND” which is located in Faridabad district.


This international fair is jointly hosted by the Surajkund Mela authority in collaboration with the Union Ministries of Tourism , Textiles , Culture , External Affairs , Department of Tourism , Government of Haryana and Haryana Tourism Corporation.


The main aim behind this festival is to promote handicrafts , handlooms with the aid of craftsmen invited from all over the country.Hence , it is a platform for the artists across the globe to showcase their culture and talent.


The uniqueness of Surajkund International Crafts Fair is that every year , one of the Indian states gets the honour as the theme state.The concept behind choosing a theme state every year is to promote and focus on art, culture and cuisine of each state of India every year.


Haryana Tourism has made it easier to reach surajkund fair.Every year special buses are provided by the Haryana Tourism authority to the general public to reach the destination.Preferably use personal transport to reach the fair,so that you can enjoy till night.

PS: (We booked a Mini Ola to reach the fair.We were four in total, the fair charged by the Ola was 208 bucks.) Enjoy the below video of our road journey


Badarpur Border is the nearest metro station for the Fair.From Badarpur you can hire an auto to reach the destination which will charge 30 bucks from you.


Usually the fair is organized between 1 February to 15 February every year.It lasts for 15-16 days.The festival is open to visitors from 10.30am to 8.30pm everyday for tenure.

The ticket price for this year (2020) was fixed at 80 bucks on weekdays and 120 bucks on weekends.You can also purchase the tickets online from bookmyshow.com

Special Discount

There is a 50% discount for senior citizens ,which caters to serving soldiers , disabled or handicapped people.Students can also avail of this discount by showing their identity cards.

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